My name is Josh, and I'd like to to tell you a little about myself. My mother became a minister when I was a young child of about 4, and before that I hadn't really been introduced to religion at all. I knew that we went to church, and I knew that church meant "don't touch yourself down there until at least after this is over", but that was about it.

   As I grew up living on church grounds and going to church functions I slowly became aware (by virtue of the adults telling me) that there was a being named God, and that it loved me. This God, so I was told, watched over me every second of every day. God sees all, knows all, and as a very special bonus has granted me the ability to talk to he/she/it and ask questions anytime I need any guidance.

   Now despite everyone assuring me that I could talk to God, and God would answer my prayers, that never really worked out for me. I did make an honest go at it when I was 7, but when God refused to pick up his cell phone once in that year I gave him, my faith in the concept of God dwindled and eventually withered to an empty shell.

   That is until about 4 years ago. That's when I dedicated my life to learning how to use Google's "Adwords" marketing system, and from that day forward my faith in God grew tenfold every single day because I had realized that Google, the worlds largest search engine, is every bit the God I was promised as a child, and oh, Google-God does love us all.

   In case you're wondering, I am not now nor have I ever been employed by Google. Actually I work for myself. The more I learned about Google, the more Google would bless me, and at this point I actually make a living paying Google. I don't see it that way, though, I see it as me offering tithing to my God in return for plentiful harvests, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

   This site was created to spread the word. Google is the single most powerful and benevolent entity in existence today, and I give thanks to Google every day for its many gifts it has bestowed upon us, its beloved children. Keep reading, and maybe you will too.

     - Josh

(Clearly Under Construction)